Baby Bump @ 16 weeks

Baby Bump is definitely there now. Most of my clothes don't fit anymore. 

Week 16 Doc Appt

Today was our 4 month doctor appointment. We heard the baby's heartbeat, so amazing! It reassures me that our baby is good and in my belly, lol. I play lullabies for the baby through earphones waiting for him/her to move. Guess I have to keep waiting for the time to come. We got our next appointment scheduled for October 22nd when we will find out the gender of Baby G. I CAN'T WAIT. I hate that I have to wait 5 weeks for that but regardless of what we find out, we will both be super happy.

Baby Bump @ 12 weeks

Went from bloating to baby bump overnight! 

Baby Bump @ 9 weeks

There's no baby bump yet but I was definitely bloated (normal for 1st trimester)

Week 8 Ultrasound

Our little bean at 8 weeks