Baby Bump @ 28 weeks

I am now in my 3rd trimester! I can't believe we only have 12 more weeks to go. We are so excited to be closer to meeting our little girl. She moves/kicks so much now, I love just sitting on the couch and feeling her move. Sleeping is not the same anymore. I either have to toss and turn all night or I have to get up to use the bathroom. I started to do some DIY projects for her nursery (see pics of the closet organizers I made). There's so much to do before she arrives and time seems to be flying by so fast. Here are pictures of the closet organizers I made and of my 28 week Belly Bump!


Baby Bump @ 24 weeks

We are now 24 weeks and my belly is definitely big. I feel and look like i'm having twins. :) We found out the gender of the baby during our 21 week appointment. IT'S A GIRL! We are so happy and excited that the baby is doing well and growing like she should. We announced the gender to our family and friends over lunch with cupcakes. Here is my belly picture at our announcement lunch, pictures of the cupcakes and the ultrasound.

Here are some belly pictures at 23 weeks that Mrs. Duarte took. I am entering a contest on Facebook for a free newborn photo shoot so I'll let you all know when you can vote. :)

I am now filling her move/kick all day. It makes me smile every time Michael and I see or feel her move. I've started doing some shopping but am trying to be good and not buy everything I see. :)  I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with everything that I need to get done/prepare for her birth but I have my checklist to stay on top of things and stay organized.
Here is my belly at 24 weeks:

 Excuse the dogs, they love the camera!


Baby Bump @ 20 weeks

20 Weeks!!! I am half way there today! I cannot believe how fast the past 5 months have gone by. My belly is growing and growing and I'm loving every single moment. I'm starting to feel movements little by little. It mainly feels like popcorn is popping in my lower belly. I'm excited to finally feel Baby G really move although I've been told once he/she does, I won't sleep very well. Sleeping is getting harder and harder but thank goodness I am somehow still comfortable sleeping on my belly. Michael and I find out the sex of the baby next friday 10/23, WE ARE SO EXCITED AND ANXIOUS. Here are my 20 week photos, enjoy! ;)


Baby Bump @ 16 weeks

Baby Bump is definitely there now. Most of my clothes don't fit anymore. 

Week 16 Doc Appt

Today was our 4 month doctor appointment. We heard the baby's heartbeat, so amazing! It reassures me that our baby is good and in my belly, lol. I play lullabies for the baby through earphones waiting for him/her to move. Guess I have to keep waiting for the time to come. We got our next appointment scheduled for October 22nd when we will find out the gender of Baby G. I CAN'T WAIT. I hate that I have to wait 5 weeks for that but regardless of what we find out, we will both be super happy.

Baby Bump @ 12 weeks

Went from bloating to baby bump overnight! 

Baby Bump @ 9 weeks

There's no baby bump yet but I was definitely bloated (normal for 1st trimester)

Week 8 Ultrasound

Our little bean at 8 weeks