Belly Bump @ 36 Weeks

We  are only 3 1/2 weeks away from meeting Baby G!
I'm starting to feel like i'm either in denial that it's happening soon or procastinating on getting things done.

My Body:
My body feels extremely different. I feel like i'm carrying a very heavy bowling ball everywhere I go. My sleep is very different. We think she positions herself at night in a way that is very painful for me to sleep in. The pressure "down there" has started and it is starting to make me think that I am dialating (i'll find out for sure in 2 days). My hands/feet swell up in the mornings and nights so I have to constantly keep my feet elevated. I sure do miss wearing my "regular" shoes. :(
What I can say? I've never been so emotional in my life. Everything and anything makes me cry. Michael is mainly the one who sees this side of me but boy are these hormones taking over.
We are very much excited to meet our little girl. There's still so much to do but I know everything will fall into place. All we care about is that we have a safe/healthy delivery. We are moving in the next few days so I can't wait to start/finish her nursery. I knew exactly how I wanted her nursery since I was about 4-5 months so I can't wait to put everything together. It's going to look amazing!
Belly Bump:
Here is my belly bump at 36 weeks, 3 days. I wore less clothing so you can all see my BIG belly. :)